Dealing with the issues relevant to your community

Our remit is wide and includes, but is not limited to the following areas:

Local and National Concerns

Lest we forget the councils and the Government should serve us fairly. There are recent causes for concern and we will act in the interests of all our communities and good people. The Residents Associations have been created to lobby and ensure public office is conducted in the interest of the people.

Cost of Living Crisis

The current cost of living crisis will affect us all, but the impact will be disproportionately felt by those who are already struggling to make ends meet. For thousands of people across the country, the risk of being forced into homelessness because of not being able to keep up with a spiralling cost of living is a terrifying reality.  We will add resources and advice here to help you.

Cost of living crisis
EMF & 5G Radiation

5G and RF (radio frequency) Radiation

Raising awareness around 5G & RF (radio frequency) radiation technology. It will give a voice to the whole country. We will be addressing other issues such as water fluoridation & geo engineering in the near future

Smart Cities

These days there are vast amounts of new technology being installed widespread across our country and the world. Most of us are still unaware as to what some of this technology advancements may be for and how that feeds into a Smart City – What is a Smart City and how does that impact you?

Smart cities

International Conflicts

With heated tensions arising around the world and the threat posed by War, how would that leave you and your family, friends and others?

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EMF & 5G Radiation

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