Smart Cities

Smart cities

What is a Smart City and how does that impact you?

We can all see these days that there are vast amounts of new technology being installed widespread across our country and the world. Yet most of us are still unaware as to what some of these technological advancements may be for and how that feeds into a Smart City.

The UK Government has declared that its intention is to be digital by default, so could that mean that widespread jobs could be lost to AI? It has also been foretold that this could happen in as little as 3 years from now. The World Economic Forum states that 40% of the jobs we see today could be lost tomorrow. Some of these jobs include receptionists, supermarket workers and many other sectors could be affected. We are already starting to see more unmanned tills in supermarkets and more call centres are leaning on AI. 

So how does that impact you and how does that interlink with a Smart City?

The main aspects of a Smart City are based around the enhancement of technology and another term for this is called the 4th Industrial Revolution. The adoption of technology advancements is supported by many, but it can come with unexpected connotations that we may not have considered before. 

Here are some examples of Smart Cities technology

  • 5G Towers: monopole masts and small cells
  • Solar Farms including widespread solar panels placed in fields
  • Wind turbines placed in seas and on land
  • Increased surveillance
  • LED Street Lights
  • Smart Poles
  • Smart Street Hubs 
  • Smart Meters 
  • Smart Motorways

Please note: sometimes the above mentioned technology can be referred to as ‘Green Technology’.

This technology could be seen as assisting with AI to make it easier for everyone, but we could ask ourselves if it is running the risk of more unneeded automation? If that were the case, where does that leave us and our security?  

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