About The National Residents Association

National Residents Association was founded in 2022 by a group of concerned people from around the United Kingdon. 

The aim is to create a national group to research and protect our national and local communities. 

Our remit is wide and includes the following areas:

Crime and Policing

Council planning

Cost of living crisis

Local and national concerns

5G & RF (radio frequency) radiation

New members are welcome from anywhere in the United Kingdom, and the more associations that join, the more influence we have.We recommend forming Local Residents Association and we will assist and consult.

The first project that we are focusing on with the National Residents Association (NRA) & Local Residents Association (LRA), is raising awareness around 5G & RF (radio frequency) radiation technology. It will give a voice to the whole country. We will be addressing other issues such as water fluoridation & geo engineering in the near future.

This is an umbrella organisation helping local groups to organise themselves to take readings from masts in their locality, and to share their concerns and results with other residents and local authorities. The main barrier to true scrutiny and precautionary regulation with this issue is general ignorance. Walking the pavements and showing the reality of our Microwave environment to those whom it affects should start to turn up the volume on sincere debate.

Official Telegram group link: