International Conflicts

International conflicts can result in wars

With heated tensions arising around the world and the threat posed by war, how would that leave you and your family, friends and others?

This is an international concern for us worldwide and we are yet to see a peace treaty come to fruition. If a conflict broke out here, it would impact us all. Therefore, being part of a community is vital to be able to deal with any potential threat that could be aimed at any of our countries. 

For many years now we have lived during peace time but like with all wars they can escalate quickly and are unpredictable by nature. In an unthinkable situation like that it would be better to know others around you, not only for you but for the safety of everyone else.

If we cast our minds back briefly we can remember a short time ago how disturbing it was for people to be locked down during the corona virus crisis. And needless to say, if a war did break out, the consequences would be far worse. So, when people are not prepared for such an event – it can cause a societal shock, as we have witnessed before.

Mediating in a warlike situation

Although we hope for a peaceful resolution it doesn’t appear that any peace treaties have been implemented nor spoken about at present, meaning that the risk factor is still there. Understandably no one wants to consider this option, nor does anyone want to partake in thinking like this ~ but if we leave ourselves unprepared it can have considerable consequences. 

Casualties of War 

The main casualties of any war are usually innocent people who tend to be defenceless. In addition many of the Bravehearts who have gone into combat have sadly never returned. 

To summarise, in previous times of conflict, people have lost family members, friends, homes, land and anything that may be important to them, mainly leaving them with nothing. It is a sad state of affairs when wars occur because atrocities prevail which causes devastation, preparation and prevention is essential to safeguard ourselves and our communities.

In any event knowing thy neighbour could be key in your community, both in times of war and peace.