Community Engagement

Why does your community matter?

It has been seen throughout the course of history that communities who work together achieve results. The stronger the community the less the interference. So let’s take a hypothetical situation and say that there was a new development going up in your area and others in the local vicinity disagreed with this action ~ a community could stand together if they knew about an issue that could impact them and furthermore they could have a stronger disposition to say no, as more voices make more of an stance. 

Sadly however, a lot of times these days, people do not know many people in their communities as they are extremely busy with their own lives and mainly keep themselves to themselves. This means that sometimes we can miss things that are going on around us, and this is another key advantage of being a part of your local residents association. It doesn’t mean to say that you need to be an active member, but what it can do is help keep you up-to-date with things that you may not notice but which could impact your local lives quite significantly.

Your voice and opinion matter

Quite frequently, people feel that their opinion will not be heard and worse still, people have no idea who they can turn to talk to about wider or local societal issues. All people’s voices and opinions matter and they should all count, wherever they live within a community.

What has been experienced in more recent times are responses from local authorities and beyond, whenever individuals reach out to their councils, that there may be a delay or a lack of response which can cause frustration to say the least. This has become more noticeable over time and some issues can even go unheard. Therefore, when a community comes together and with the support of a non-Government related Residents Association it can give more credence as Councillors and Local Authorities have a responsibility to adhere to and address concerns of people locally. 

Continued Community Engagement 

Another way for us to connect on a local but also on a national level is by sharing content which you may not know about or be aware of and a good example of this is Devolution. This means that keeping abreast with changes that are happening in and around us which may be shared with you, can help raise awareness but you may also come into contact with others who share the same concerns. 

Further still, a Residents Association can hold more sway to hold people in public office accountable ~ which is another key advantage of being a Residents Association, placing an emphasis on public office workers to fulfil their duty of care to the people. As we have all seen that political parties can change their manifestos as soon as they are elected, which again disheartens the people. 

So, if Residents Associations were applied locally and nationally it could make a greater impact placing the community at the heart of it.